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SMS Shortcode
A special 4,5 or 6 digits numbers that send and receive text Messages

Caller Ring Back Tune
A personalized service that change “ring ring” sound heard when your phone is called with a tune of your choice.

A special messaging system that allows high-speed interactive communication between subscribers and applications across a GSM network.

A technology that blasts a pre-recorded voice message to thousands of mobile users in a single click.
I have provided mobile marketing services to
Governments & Big Brands In Nigeria
Making close to a Million in a Single Deal
I Ventured Into Mobile Marketing With
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And with my proven Mobile marketing Success Pack, you are on your way to making 6-7 Figure income consistently from highly demanded premium mobile marketing services. GUARANTEED!

Mobile Marketing business involves selling premium mobile messaging products ( SMS shortcode, Callertune, USSD, Robocall, BulkSMS) under your brand to companies and individuals that are always in need of these services and making mouth watering profits.

Right here is a rare opportunity for you to start making Millions online from mobile marketing business.


A Complete Starter Pack + Sotwares + Training Kit Teaching You Every Thing You Need To Know To Start Generating 6 -7 Figure  Income From Mobile Marketing

I'm giving you all my jealously guarded winning strategies to follow
and hit the ground running making profits immediately.  These are my years of experience in this business put together. You will also learn how to setup your own gateways  directly from the source and completely be in charge of your business. I give direct access to where and how I get my gateways. So you don't have to connect to my own.

I'll Help You With 4 Things Required To
Start Earning Big From Mobile Marketing

Shortcode Gateway Connectivity
To succeed as a shortcode provider, you need full shortcode reseller gateway with connectivity from MNO. In this package I revealed in step by Steps how to setup premium gateway and direct contact of gateway providers with direct connectivity to Mobile Network Operators.

Robust Shortcode Reseller Management Application
This software is the major thing required to operate as an independent VAS company. With this you can setup and manage clients keywords, auto response, billings and also setup resellers under you.

This software cost nothing less than 500k but you are getting it FREE with this package.

Ultimate Competitor Crusher Tools
I will give you exclusive access to the exact tools that put me above other shortcode providers in Nigeria within 30 days.
This tools will get Customers calling your phone off the hook without you spending a dime on ads.
It's the exact tools I used to automate my sales with massive result.

Irresistible Bonuses
Offering Special Bonuses to those that will purchase your products is the sure way to super charge your sales.
I will give you Access to my irresistible Bonus Library + Updated Nationwide GSM database database to offer as bonuses to get people to buy your mobile marketing products like crazy.
Here's What You Are Getting With My
Complete Mobile Marketing Success Pack
  • My Guide to Get Shortcode Gateway Connectivity:
    You will learn how to setup your own shortcode reseller gateway directly from the source the same way I did.
  • Exclusive Access to My Winning High End Product Selling Manifesto:
    You are getting exclusive access to the winning tools I used to crush competitors and rank #1 in the industry within 30 days.
  • Exclusive Access to My Custom Developed Shortcode Reseller Management Software that will allow you to manage clients keywords, auto response, Billings and also create your own resellers. Our resellers pay N115,000 for account setup and we setup everything with this software. So this software is a BIG catch for you.
  • Exclusive Access to my irresistible Bonus Library :
    that you can offer as incentives to your offer and get people hurriedly buy from YOU.
  • My Exclusive Support:
    Because it's my earnest desire to see you succeed, I will offer you my exclusive support both technically and otherwise till you break even.
  • Exclusive Access to My Winning Swipes Library:
    These are well writing and highly converting follow up messages that have generated dozens of sales for me. You can simply copy into your List Building Auto responder and Boom your entire sales is automated.
  • Exclusive Access to My Responsive List Building App:
    To make consistent income from mobile marketing and online business generally, you need a responsive LIST with the right funnel. Most list building and management App out there are very expensive for beginners. You will get access my ultimate List Building & management software that can enable you to build up to 15,000 responsive list without spending a dime.
  • Exclusive Access to my Step By Steps training Guide :
    That will teach you everything you need to Know to setup and start getting clients consistently for USSD, Shortcode, CallerTune, Robocall.


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